Rollout Services

Beecable has developed services that anticipate the rapid change in technology due to heavy competition and rapid innovation. Beecable provides engineering roll out services for vendors and operators

(i.e. survey, planning, design, documentation, logistics, testing, integration, acceptance, as-built drawings, and network services.)

From installing new telecommunications systems and upgrading existing services to expanding network infrastructures and expanding pre-existing coverage, Beecable provides its clients the most cutting edge solutions and state of the art technology all at a reasonable cost. Experts work independently or as an adjunct to the in-house engineering team to assess, verify, and provide all the necessary technical requirements and specifications needed for the completion of the planning and design of proposed telecom projects.

Full TurnKey Solutions

Beecable includes supplies & services, Project Management, End-to-End Transportation up to sites, Warehousing, Custom Clearances, Resource Outsourcing, Site Acquisition, RF Service, Designed & Implementation of Civil Work, Design & Implementation of electric work, and Telecom Implementation

Site Planning, Survey, Selection of Sites, Design - Site Acquisition - Civil Infra development (Soil Test, Structural Certification, Layouts etc.) - Local liasoning - Civil Work(Construction of Tower Foundation, DG & Shelter Foundation, Guard Room, Boundary Wall) - RF Survey, RF Planning, RF Cable laying - Vendor Managements - Communications’ equipment’s Installations, Commissioning & Integration - Quality Control and Logistics support - O&M and Warranty Support for all Equipment’s - Quality audit of sites

In-Build Solutions (IBS)

Users now expect ubiquitous mobile coverage especially indoors, where over 80% of mobile traffic is generated. Beecable’s extensive knowledge and experience pertaining to the design, installation, and integration of In-Build Solutions allow it to provide cost effective solutions that enable clients to deliver safer, more productive in-build services.

The services carried on the DAS can be fed by using either a bi-directional amplifier (BDA) connected to an outdoor antenna (an “off-air” feed) or by having the carriers install a dedicated signal source. In either case, the DAS will then distribute the signal throughout the target area on a series of antennas fed via a network of cables or, for larger installations, fiber.

Spare Parts Management Services

Consolidated Order Processing Platform: This provides a 24/7 request response service that rapidly processes and dynamically tracks orders.

Reliable Spare Parts Supply: This ensures that a sufficient and stable supply of spare parts are available. It is based on the official inventory, which is strategically located in Beecable’s Spare Parts Supply Center.

Standard Storage and Warehousing: This is the systematic warehouse distribution mechanism that utilizes advanced methodologies and design tools. It analyzes actual operations so that the warehouse network system is continually optimized.

Scientific Inventory Management: This refers to the dynamic proportioning tool used alongside refined management to optimize spare parts inventories and adapt to changes in operator networks. It guarantees accurate and complete inventory information.

Logistics Services: In cooperation with global logistics service providers, a full logistics network is utilized in order to minimize delivery times.

Consulting (strategic and business consulting)

Customer support (secure, proactive, and extended)

Operations & Maintenance Services

Beecable provides complete Operations and Maintenance services to telecom operators and network owners. Beecable’s services encompass end-to-end operations and maintenance solutions aimed at reducing the operator’s OPEX and increasing network efficiency and availability. Beecable’s extensive and longstanding experience building and upgrading networks worldwide qualify it to offer its customers excellent, comprehensive maintenance services for their networks.

Beecable works to maintain the network’s initial functionality, stability, and quality by utilizing methodologically computerized maintenance programs that cover the entire preventive maintenance cycle to guarantee minimum corrective maintenance and maximum functionality.

Technical Consultancy Services

Analysis: Clients can partner with Beecable’s design engineers to develop a comprehensive plan for network and equipment implementation that meets their business and technology objectives.

Network Audit: A complete state audit can be run on clients’ existing network capabilities prior to implementation. General network health audits are also available.


Beecable Management Suites can be configured and optimized through the use of the following services:

Server installation and turn-up with support for third-party software components.

Integration of new network features.

Network integration with management and operation support systems.

Management system upgrades, including operating systems, supporting databases, and Beecable network element management applications.


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