About Us

Beecable was founded in 2015 by a group of professionals who had left the Iraqi region’s well-known telecom operators after years of experience providing telecom services and solutions. It delivers a wide variety of end-to-end solutions to telecom operators through the use of the latest and most advanced infrastructure and technology. Its services are best suited for the complex systems now used by telecom operators.

  • Mission Statement

    To deliver excellence in our services and to be telecommunications vendors and operators’ first choice in providing services in the field of consultancy, engineering services (i.e. survey, design, etc.), project management & implementation, technical support, technical training, and logistics.

  • Business Principals

    Success is not found in surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals, but rather, it is found in nurturing diversity and creativity. Beecable believes that this way of thinking ultimately makes it a more innovative company than its competition better equipped to serve the needs of its diverse clients.

  • Diversity at Beecable

    An organizational structure with a customer focus

    A senior level employee is assigned to each client and is tasked with delivering their order. Account managers and senior management have direct access to all internal execution functions, and they are able to process any necessary order changes.

60 Meters Street,Opposite New City,Erbil, Iraq.

+964 750 004 4400

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